Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome to The Happy Medium

As you may have noticed, this is a blog. There was a time when I thought blogs were the height of stupidity, nothing more than a public diary. The vanity of it! But then I read some really good blogs, like Gurney Journey, and some really funny blogs, like Hyperbole and a Half, and I changed my mind. But I still didn't think I would write my own blog, after all, what would I have to say that anyone else would be interested in reading?

The answer to that question probably still hasn't changed: nothing. But I do find myself wanting to write a lot of things. I wanted to keep a variety of journals, one about the things I cook, another for the things I draw, still more for my adventures in gardening, bread baking, and tea drinking. There are a number of spiritual and supernatural subjects my friends and family have often requested I write down at some point. I have also long wanted to start a webcomic, which is where the title The Happy Medium comes from, but I felt I didn't have enough material or the conviction to follow a regular update schedule (which is vital to the survival of a webcomic).

Of course, I could just post all of this stuff on Facebook, but that didn't seem cohesive enough. These are things I want to refer to later, or perhaps share with others. Also, some are on topics which Facebook may not be the appropriate forum to air them. So, what to do?

Then my mom made a blog. My mom! She wanted a place whre she could discuss her politics with others without the rediculously rude attitude that seems to possess us all whenever we log on to Facebook. Posting a politically themed status update on Facebook is just asking to start an unpleasant argument, especially since our family includes radical members of both the far left and the far right. You simply can't make everyone happy. However, if one is going to take the time to actually visit her blog, then you enter a sort of unspoken social contract: we are here to discuss things in a polite, adult way. Sure, there will be people who ignore the unspoken rule, but at least no one can make the excuse that they simply reacted to what they saw in their news feed.

This, I thought, is the sort of environment in which I want to present my ideas. So a blog it is. If no one reads it, I don't suppose I shall be very put out. I also refuse to make any promises as to how often I will update it. The last thing I need right now is another Thing To Do, this needs to be something I do because I want to and enjoy it.

So welcome to The Happy Medium, I hope you enjoy perusing my random rantings. I certainly enjoy writing them.

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